Sunday, 3 September 2017

A New Favorite!

One of the advantage of living in the Loire Valley is that we have time to discover new places to show our visitors. Some of them are amazing "why didn't we know about this earlier" places, and some are quiet little corners where time seems to have stopped.

Yesterday we visited a place I had seen in 19th century postcards, but never actually managed to find on the ground.

I can see it becoming a favorite diversion on our tour that visits Loches and Montresor. For more information email us or use our contact form

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Sunflowers are Finished

The last two weeks of July and the start of August are the normal peak times for sunflowers in the Loire Valley. Sometimes the season is longer, but this year was warm enough for all the sunflowers to flower at their usual times and it was a spectacular show. Sometimes they last into late August, but not this year.

Not all is lost though. There will be sunflowers again next year, and if you want to see them with us and take some stunning photos, now is the time to book. Email us or use our contact form and ask us to find sunflowers in bloom for 2018.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Travel the White Roads in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley has its fair share of white roads. That is to say, unpaved local roads, made from crushed local limestone, which lead to all manner of local treasures. Because we know the area intimately, these narrow country roads off the main route can be included in your itinerary. Mind you, on a hot summer's day, they leave a coating of fine white dust on our lovely black classic cars!

One of our teenaged clients staking her claim on Célestine.
If you like to truly get off the beaten track, email us or contact us using our contact form, and let us design a tour just for you.