Sunday 19 February 2012

Essential Maintenance

Maintaining a chateau like Chenonceau is an endless task. The limestone used to construct it is soft enough to cut with a hand saw and the rain and frost eventually takes its toll. Last year the western (downstream) side of the chateau was cleaned and repaired. The windows were checked for soundness and stones were replaced where necessary. This was part of a huge undertaking that has been going on for more than two years, but the end result - a beautiful chateau that will outlast its thousands of visitors and still be there for their grandchildren to enjoy - is definitely worth it, even if you see some scaffolding temporarily.

Luckily the work will be finished this year and the scaffolding will come down. If you would like to see Chenonceau in all its pristine glory, email us and let us design a tour for you. Don't forget, if you book and pay for your 2012 tour before the end of May you receive a 10% discount.