Wednesday 30 May 2018

French Radishes Galore

Is this the biggest stack of radishes you've ever seen? It was photographed at the Wednesday market in Loches, and according to Fabrice, who grew them on his farm near the Chateau of Villandry, this is nothing compared to the pile he puts out for the Saturday market.

If you like fresh traditional French produce like these radishes (and those strawberries on the right!)  email or use our contact form and book a tour that includes a market and a great restaurant for lunch that serves produce from the market.

Sunday 20 May 2018

Fresh Market Produce in the Loire Valley

Many of the restaurants in the Loire Valley pride themselves on their use of fresh local produce. Proof of this, if any is needed, is in this photo of a market stall holder delivering boxes of vegetables to a restaurant in Loches. There is both green and white asparagus, aubergines, cave grown mushrooms, fines herbes and other delicious seasonal treats that will be skillfully prepared by the team in the kitchen.

If you enjoy a good lunch made from fresh ingredients grown in the Loire Valley why not send us an email or use our contact form to book a tour. Lunch in a carefully chosen restaurant is included in the price of all our standard full day tours in a classic cars.

Thursday 10 May 2018

History and Botany in the Loire Valley

Did you know that the famous symbol of French royalty, the fleur de lys, is based on a real flower? It grows abundantly in the Loire Valley, along the many watercourses in the area. It is one of our most iconic wild flowers, mentioned in literature and painted many times.

Yellow Iris (aka fleur de lys) growing in a village stream in the Loire Valley.

If you love nature and gardens as much as history, why not email or use our contact form and book a tour. We are botany and history enthusiasts too.

Tuesday 1 May 2018