Sunday 29 March 2015

Visiting Goat Cheese Producers in the Touraine Loire Valley

If your dream holiday is to get dressed up in silly hats, coats and overshoes, get to taste lots of goats cheese and talk to French cheesemakers, then we can help you!

Amie and Marc, goat farmers and cheese producers 
from Michigan at Fromagerie Moreau Pontlevoy.
If you are interested in French goat cheeses we can include a visit to a producer in your customised tour. It can be as simple as popping into a farm shop on our way to a chateau and sampling some local cheese, or it can be a full farm visit where we see the goats, dairy and aging rooms (and you have to wear the silly outfit...). If your interest extends to French cheeses in general, we can visit a specialist cheese refiner who takes cheese from all over and ages them until they are at their peak of perfection. Or we could visit a winery that is co-owned by a cheese merchant and have him make a selection of local specialities that we pair with his wine.

Email us and tell us you love cheese. We'll make sure to include some in your tour.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Ready to Go!!

We are just about to start tours for 2015, a sure sign that spring has arrived.

Both cars have had attention over winter: Claudette now has new shock absorbers and engine mounts (and is ultra smooth), whilst Célestine has just had some minor maintenance: a tune up and oil change.

This means that we are all ready to go exploring, and revisiting some of our favorite spots as well.

If you would like to come exploring with us send an email and you may be surprised by what we suggest including beyond the romantic chateaux.