Saturday 23 July 2016

Where to Wait at a Station

We have written before about the proceedure for stamping your ticket before you board a train, now it is time to look at where to wait on the platform.

If you are catching a train at a terminus station (Gare du Nord, Paris Montparnasse) you wait until the train and platform is announced - usually about 20 minutes before departure - and then you walk the length of the train until you reach your carriage (voiture, or car).

 This ticket is for seats 43 and 44 in carriage 20

 If you are catching your train at an intermediate station, go to the platform once the train is announced, then find the " Composition des trains" board. This will show the train carriages and where they are stopping at the station.

The ticket above shows voiture 20, so you look for that number on the board and see that it corresponds with the letter G. All you have to do now is locate the Letter G on the platform - it will be on a board hanging from the edge of the canopy - and stand there. Almost magically, when the train stops the door to your carriage should be immediately by the sign.

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