Wednesday 26 December 2018

Where to Find the Best Chocolate Eclair in the Loire Valley

Our clients like to experience the best France has to offer. We often see on travel forums questions relating to where to find good baked goods. Luckily for us, on one of our regular tours we can now visit the home of the officially designated 'Best Chocolate Eclair in the Loire Valley'. Our clients are in for a treat!

The prize-winning éclairs, surrounded by some equally tasty friends.
Explore the pastries of the Loire Vlley with Loire Valley Time Travel

If you love French pastries let us know and we will create a tour that includes this bakery. You can email us or use our contact form to get in touch. More tour ideas can be found on the Loire Valley Time Travel website.

Tuesday 18 December 2018

The Real French Cuisine

France is famous for it's cuisine -- so much so that it is UNESCO World Heritage Listed. Outside of France everyone thinks of elaborate and elegantly presented meals in Michelin Starred establishments. But French cuisine is much more than that. There is a solid and ongoing tradition of peasant food, designed to make use of every available resource. Nose to tail eating in France is alive and well. Our clients may be grossed out by the sight of offal at the butchers and on the menu, but it's an important part of what experiencing France is about. We would encourage (but not force) clients to try something new.

A typical November display in a butchers window in the Loire Valley.
November is offal month in France

If you aren't squeamish and would like to learn more about French country cooking, take a tour with us in November, officially designated 'Offal Month' in France. You can email or use our contact form and we will design a tour for you that includes talking to a specialist offal butcher at one of the best farmers markets in the Loire Valley.

Saturday 8 December 2018

The Mysterious Graffiti of the Loire Valley

The tuffeau limestone that is such a feature of the Loire Valley is very soft. Almost all the buildings are made of it, and a great many of them have grafitti. You don't need much to make your mark -- a pocket knife, a nail or maybe just a shard of pottery. Of course, if you carve your initials in a building today, that's vandalism. But if you left a message decades or centuries ago, that's all part of the Loire Valley's rich history.

What happened here in 1940?

If you are intrigued by the many mysteries these graffiti hint at, email us or use our contact form. We will devise a custom tour that allows you to test your puzzle solving skills and introduces you to some history you may not be familiar with.