Saturday 16 January 2016

Planning to Watch the Tour de France

Watching the Tour de France is one of the great sporting spectator events in the world. Where else can you get so close to international sportsmen without any sort of barrier between you and them? The problem is knowing where to station yourself on the day. The Tour route is announced a few months before the event, but you need local knowledge to get yourself to that perfect spot.

One of the advantages of rolling up to an event like this in an iconic French classic car is that everyone is happy to see you and you get to park just about anywhere you like. In 2013 we managed to park in front of the cellar gate of the chateau de Montrésor. This allowed us to picnic on a grassy slope overlooking the race route and we had a choice of whether we were in the sun or the shade. Montrésor is a small but very pretty village, but there was not a great crush of spectators, just a nice friendly atmosphere.

If you want to use our local knowledge to get the best out of your visit in July when the Tour goes through, or any other month of the year, just email us and tell us what you are interested in. We would be delighted to design a tour for you.