Tuesday 12 November 2013

Surprise Stops

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Loire Valley Time Travel is our local knowledge, especially of the smaller and lesser known sites of interest. We often don't formally include these in the itinerary that we give to clients before they arrive. We like them to be a surprise, that we fit in to the day if we have time.

Especially at the beginning of the season, many of the lovely gardens in the Loire Valley have not yet reached their peak. That is why we may end up with a little time on our hands if we visit, for example, Villandry, in March. Not all of the world famous garden will be ready to receive visitors. But not to worry -- we have a fascinating little stop to fill the gap.

Some of the very old churches in the area have amazing interiors, and one in particular has become a favourite with us. It has superb, and very rare, wall paintings dating from the 12th century, and even if you are not religious you can't fail to be engaged by the lively and quirky cartoon like stories painted all over the walls and ceiling.

If you would like a day with us, full of surprises and special visits to historic sites of significance, email us and we will design one of our popular day trips just for you.

Saturday 2 November 2013

Staff Meeting

Our two senior staff members get together before starting work, to discuss the day's route.
If you want to be transported in style by these elegant vehicles, email us and we will design a tour to suit your interests in the Loire Valley.