Sunday 1 April 2018

New Wine Partner

For years we've had to say to clients that we can't offer them a wine tasting on Sundays. This is because the local winemakers don't see themselves as tourist attractions, and Sunday is their only day off. They tend to spend it with their families. We do use independent wine merchants too, but they are very small businesses and also close on Sundays rather than try to juggle staff time within a very small team.

Summer Jauneaud is waiting to welcome you to La Cave.

Happily, well known local winemaker and restaurateur Fréd Plou has acquired La Cave Amboise. This charming boutique is situated right opposite the exit to the Chateau Royal in Amboise -- and they are open on Sundays for tastings. So if you email us (or use our contact form) to get in touch with us and ask for a tour on a Sunday, we can round off the day just like any other tour, with a special tasting of local wines.