Friday 11 December 2015

Travelling with Wine

Earlier this year we were contacted by Lazenne. They wanted to alert us to their existence and their products, which they felt would be a good fit for us and our clients. They supply packaging and specialist luggage for transporting wine if you are a private traveller. Amazingly products like this didn't really exist in France before. Recently we met the young couple who spotted the gap in the market and set up the business. Paul was born in Poland but grew up in Canada. He came to Lyon to study, met Bénédicte and never went home. Now they live in the Champagne-Ardenne and are working hard on expanding their business. We liked them and their products a lot. Although we don't think all our clients will use them we were certainly glad to know about them and we were immediately able to refer some clients to them. Bénédicte sent us the client's order, plus a polystyrene box for ourselves, and we can tell you that the client was very happy and Lazenne's service impeccable.

 An example of Lazenne's range of practical and smart wine luggage.
Many of our clients are worried about getting through customs with wine on their return home. Lazenne have written a handy instruction leaflet on how to do it. They point out it is perfectly possible to bring home several boxes of wine for personal consumption, and often worth it if you want some great value souvenirs of your trip. If you would like us to take delivery of some wine luggage or packaging prior to your Touraine Loire Valley tour email us and let us know.