Sunday 27 May 2012

10% Off offer ends soon

We currently are offering 10% off all 2012 tours booked and paid for before the end of May. This means you only have five days left to book and pay for your tour of the Loire Valley and take advantage of this offer.

So far this year we have been busy, but we still have some availability left for most weeks over summer. To book and take advantage of the 10% offer, email us before the end of this month.

Saturday 12 May 2012

A Bulb Lawn

For those of you who visit in the early spring there is a treat at La Chatonniere. The lawn which stretches down the valley from the front of the house is planted with bulbs. They reveal an intricate design laid out amongst the grass.

The bulb lawn in May.
Gardeners who visit slightly later in the year, when the daffodils and jonquils have finished flowering but the leaves are still there gathering sunlight to create next year's flowers, will appreciate the clever way the garden is presented. The lawn is mowed, but the daffodil leaves are left to form a pattern reminiscent of cut velvet. The high terrace on the slope above the house becomes the perfect viewing platform.

If you would like to see this and other clever design ideas in Loire Valley gardens, email us and we will create a tour full of vegetation!