Wednesday 22 June 2011

Fine Dining in the Loire Valley

In the past few years, according to local food broadcaster Patrick Prieur, 'a pile of young chefs have come' to the Loire area. They've brought with them a style that is modern, intelligent and light, he says.

They wisely offer a limited choice menu, so they are making the best use of local, seasonal fresh produce. Good restaurants here will use about 80% fresh ingredients, and have a choice of three main courses at the most, changing daily. At the moment, there isn't a Michelin 3 starred restaurant in the area, but Monsieur Prieur is convinced it will happen soon.

He also advocates taking a tour off the beaten track if you want to discover the best food the region has to offer, and particularly recommends the area around Loches, to the south of Tours. We agree entirely with this advice, and often encourage our clients to visit the beautiful medieval town of Loches with us, where we lunch at an outstanding restaurant offering an exceptionally high quality experience for no more than you would pay in an ordinary working man's restaurant.

If you are interested in fine dining and want to be ahead of the crowd, email us and we will design a tour that will delight your tastebuds.