Tuesday 26 September 2017

Say Cheese

Did you know that the Loire Valley is home to several famous AOP goats cheeses? Would you like to taste them and learn more about them? Book a tour with Loire Valley Time Travel and you can do just that!

Find out why the cheeses come in different shapes and how long they are aged. Learn what the coating on the outside of the cheeses is and what role organic rye straw plays in the production. Talk to cheese makers, affineurs and market stall holders about how much they make, where they buy it and where they sell it.

Email us or use our contact form to get more details.

Sunday 3 September 2017

A New Favorite!

One of the advantage of living in the Loire Valley is that we have time to discover new places to show our visitors. Some of them are amazing "why didn't we know about this earlier" places, and some are quiet little corners where time seems to have stopped.

Yesterday we visited a place I had seen in 19th century postcards, but never actually managed to find on the ground.

I can see it becoming a favorite diversion on our tour that visits Loches and Montresor. For more information email us or use our contact form