Sunday 22 July 2012

Our First Proposal of Marriage

Recently a young man contacted us, saying he wanted to create a special day in order to propose to his girlfriend. He said that she would be expecting a proposal, but wanted to find a beautiful and romantic setting to pop the question. Needless to say, we thought this was a lovely idea and offered an itinerary that included the wonderful but little visited Chateau de Candé, where the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were married, and the fabulous gardens of Villandry, full of private little nooks and crannies ideal for a romantic tryst.

At Candé we had fun with the clients, recreating this
picture of Edward and Mrs Simpson in the exact
spot the original was taken.
The clients adored Villandry, and after strolling through the potager, asked to be left on their own for a while. We were delighted to make ourselves scarce and half an hour later the happy couple emerged - engaged! The next stop was our favourite Vouvray winery, where they received a complimentary bottle of bubbly after their tasting session.

If you want to plan a special day in the Loire Valley, email us and tell us what you would like. We will be delighted to help you create a day to remember.

Thursday 12 July 2012

Sunflower Season

Lots of clients tell us that one of their hopes for their day in the Loire Valley is to see fields of golden sunflowers. They've usually been told that July is the season for the glorious sunflower fields stretching to the horizon. This is true, but not for the first week of July, and occasionally we get someone who has booked just that little bit early, only to be disappointed. It's sad.

Célestine by a field of sunflowers.
But anyone who books for the last 3 weeks of July or the first week of August is guaranteed a treat. The sunflowers will be out and proud!

If you want to see the sunflowers in all their glory, email us and let us design a tour that meanders from chateau to chateau through sunlit yellow fields.

Monday 2 July 2012

Put Yourself in This Picture

So far 2012 has been an excellent year for us: we have met many interesting people from all over the world, some of them being kind enough to write about their experiences on TripAdvisor.

Unfortunately, being busy means we have had to disappoint some of the people who have contacted us as we already had bookings for the dates they were looking at. We have a policy at Loire Valley Time Travel of not accepting bookings for every day of the week: this keeps both of us and Célestine fresh and in good condition to make your day with us special for everyone involved.

Put yourself in this picture
We have also encountered the situation where people have contacted us regarding tours for two days, then not been able to find accommodation in the area. This was most noticeable with enquiries made for May and August.

The solution to both these issues is to book early. As a reward for helping us plan our year, all 2013 tours booked and paid for before the end of March 2013 are available at 2012 prices.

You don't need to wait until 2013, though: we do still have dates available for the rest of 2012, so please do not hesitate to contact us via our email or the telephone: you can call us on our US number +1 (860) 484-7744, UK +44 (020) 3286 7743 or our Australian number +61 (02) 6100 7744.