Tuesday 31 January 2017

One for the Car Lovers

We use classic cars for all of our tours. Célestine and Claudette are 1950's Citroën Traction Avants (you can read more about them here) and they are very popular cars on the road - people wave and flash their lights, and we have been in many conversations in various car-parks.

When we are out and about we often meet other classic cars or motorbikes, but that can't be guaranteed.
However, if you're really into old cars, a time to visit may be the end of April. The Loire Valley is one of the most popular places to use an older car (the roads are good quality and quiet, the scenery is excellent, and there are no steep hills) and I suspect that it will be a popular place for people to bring their cars on the new "National Day for Old Cars" on the 30th April.

If you want to spend a day in a classic car with the possibilty of seeing other cars, email us and we will investigate what events are happening in the area. We will combine that with a visit to a chateau or two for the perfect car lover's history day out.

Sunday 15 January 2017

Some 2017 Dates for your Diary

If you are thinking of visiting France this year there are some dates you might like to write into your calendar. This year many of the movable holidays make a long weekend, and these may be good dates to avoid visiting the busiest of chateaux.

Monday 17 April Easter Monday (Lundi de Pâques)
Monday 1 May Labor Day (Fête du premier mai)
8 May WWII Victory Day
(Fête de la Victoire 1945; Fête du huitième mai)
Friday 14 July Bastille Day (Fête nationale)
Tuesday 15 August Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Wednesday 1 November All Saints Day (La Toussaint)
Saturday 11 November Armistice Day (Jour d'armistice)
Monday 25 December Christmas Day (Noël)

Why not book a holiday in the Touraine and visit a small French town for Bastille Day with us? There may not be military parades, but there will be a flaming torch lit procession around town behind a band, then fireworks and a dance, lasting late into the night.

Email us, and we will help you plan a week or weekend with us in the beautiful south Touraine.