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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Day Tours for Groups

We specialise in customised private tours of the Touraine Loire Valley for small groups. Our typical clients for a day tour are couples, but we can take more. Our cars are licenced to take 4 passengers each and we can take a maximum group size of 7 people if we use two classic cars in convoy. The cars have plenty of head and leg room, but with 3 people in the back seat we acknowledge that at least one of them has to be reasonably slender. Two adults and a teenager are normally fine, for example, but 3 mature and amply proportioned adults are going to find that hips and shoulders touch.

 Sharon and Tom from Minnesota, with their daughters and sons-in-law, 
enjoying a day with us at the Chateau of Chenonceau.
If you are coming to the Touraine Loire Valley with a group of friends or family and would like to tour with us, email us and we will give you all the details you will need to decide if you will be comfortable for a day's touring in our iconic classic cars.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Being Vegetarian in France

France has a reputation of not being vegetarian diet friendly. We have several French vegetarian friends and they would agree that restaurants are not very creative with vegetarian food and often not interested in catering for vegetarians. Our friends say that Vietnamese or Italian is the best choice if they are dining out and don't want to eat omelette. We think it's a real shame that vegetarians don't get to experience great local cuisine when they visit France. Luckily for our clients we also know terrific chefs who are only too happy to serve something delicious, seasonal and based on traditional French cuisine for our vegetarian clients.

 This plant-based risotto style dish made with spelt is based on an old local recipe.
If you are vegetarian (or have other dietary requirements, such as gluten free) let us know. We will talk to our restaurant partners to make sure you are served a tasty lunch made from local ingredients when you book a tour with us. Email us if you would like to experience French vegetarian cuisine. Warm goats cheese salad -- yum!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

A Different Way to Tour

Now that we have two classic Citroën Traction Avant cars and the occasional service of a second driver, it is possible for us to take larger groups on tour. These will still be private tours: just you and your family or friends, but travelling in groups of up to 7 people in two cars.

The response we recive from people whenever we park the cars next to one another is amazing, and the waves and headlight flashes we recive from other drivers makes the day feel even more special. Travelling in a 1950s convoy is a rare event, and one we would love to share.

Contact us for more details at