Saturday, 14 May 2011

Gorgeous Gardens

In the Loire Valley, often referred to as the Garden of France, we are fortunate to have many lovely gardens open to visitors.

One of the most famous is Villandry, a recreation of a medieval parterre garden. These gardens, designed to be both strolled through and looked down upon from the terrace, are filled in with a different arrangement of vegetables every year. The range of colours and intricate patterns that can be achieved with vegetable plantings have to be seen to be believed! This garden truly deserves its international reputation.

Nearby is la Chatonniere, a new garden made with traditional values. It is less restrained by a sense of wanting to recreate what was once there, and more able to create gardens which reflect the personal taste of the owner. The garden has roses in every possible setting and in the summer is a feast for the eye and the nose.

If you love gardens as much as we do, email us to book your day at Villandry and la Chatonniere.