Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Young Winemakers Forge Links

Earlier this year we took Californian clients Bob and his grandsons Andrew and Zachary to visit one of our favourite Vouvray producers. Andrew's father is a winemaker and he is studying oenology at college. We thought they would get a lot from a visit to a local wine producer, and even curtailed our visit to the fabulous Chateau of Chenonceau in order to have more time at the winery.

It proved to be a good move. Andrew and Charles, one of the winery's young staff members, hit it off immediately. It was a real pleasure to see these two interacting - from different cultural backgrounds, but with a shared passion for wine. It was clear that Andrew got a lot from talking 'shop' with Charles, and the wine itself was quite a revelation for him. He wasn't familiar with Vouvray whites at all, and had no idea they would be so complex, varied and interesting - and all from a single grape variety.

If you are interested in wine and would like a private tour of a small family run winery that produces a range of very reasonably priced but high quality wines, then email us.

Our thanks to the client R. Drinkward for his kind permission to use this photo, and to Carol Wexler of Cadence Travel, La Jolla, California, for sending us such nice clients.