Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Red Hair Rules OK!

Our 2013 season has opened, with the first clients having arrived in mid-March. Quite by coincidence, we seem to have had a series of people with the most glorious red hair to start the year.

We hope they've enjoyed 'meeting' one of our historic characters in particular. Many people know before they visit that the Chateau of Chenonceau is associated with generations of women who have lived there and loved the place. What they may not know is that one of those women was Mary, Queen of Scots -- herself a strikingly beautiful redhead.

She grew up in the French court, and was Queen of France before she was Queen of Scotland. If you are fascinated by the history surrounding this notorious and tragic young woman and want to get a feel for the Renaissance period she lived in email us. We can take you to the very surroundings where she spent her youth and was part of a glittering circle of intrigue and passion.