Friday 3 May 2013

Meet Cristina

Cristina is an intern at one of our favourite wineries, Chateau Gaudrelle. She is a remarkable young woman, Romanian by birth, who has come to France to further her wine studies. Her placement at Chateau Gaudrelle is part of her programme while she works towards a Master of Wine qualification. Her ambition is to work in wine tourism and she has a dream that one day she will buy a parcel of vines in Romania and become a winemaker in her own right. In the meantime, she is impressing everyone here with her hard work and dedication.

She already knows more about wine than we will in a lifetime, and often conducts the tours of the winery and the tasting sessions when we visit with clients. We are very proud to be a small part of her professional development and very much appreciate the experience she offers our clients.

If you would like to meet people living and working in the area who are passionate about the Loire Valley and its traditions, email us and we will design a tour so they can present the wine, food and history of the area at its very best.