Monday, 15 July 2013

Visiting a Winemaker in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley wineries welcome visitors all year round, but they are not like the large establishments you may be familiar with in North America or Australia. The wineries here are all about growing grapes and making wine -- and that's pretty much it. They don't have restaurants or art galleries or children's playgrounds or boutiques attached. They are just wineries, and when you visit you speak to the winemaker.

 A typical Chinon vineyard, in early spring.
We think that makes for a much more personal and intimate experience. When you visit a winery with us you don't get someone trained in customer service, you meet a winemaker. He or she most likely has made wine with their father and grandfather before taking over the business themselves. If they are lucky, there is a teenager in the family who is starting to take an interest, and the succession is assured.

Typically, the people working at Loire Valley wineries are family members, with perhaps one or two salaried staff. Everyone mucks in together and can turn their hand to everything, from pruning to picking to packing. Although the wineries are small and everyone is busy, because we have established a relationship with the winemakers, it is rare that they tell us we cannot bring a client to visit them, so with us, you can visit the Loire wineries any time you like.

If you would like the best possible experience at a small but high quality wine producer, email us and let us organise a session with a winemaker for you.