Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Visiting the Chateau of Cheverny

The Chateau of Cheverny is one of the big name Touraine Loire Valley chateaux, and one of our favourites. It is special because, unlike other well known chateaux, much of its interior is original and it has retained the decorative scheme from the early 17th century date of its construction, along with furniture and objects collected by the family from that time to our own time. The same family continue to live in the chateau and have done so since it was built, again unlike the other well known chateaux.

If you would like to visit a thoroughly authentic chateau, this is the one we would recommend (and there's a special treat for you here if you are dog lovers). Email us and we will design you an itinerary that includes a visit to the Chateau of Cheverny.