Wednesday, 30 July 2014

We Love Photographers!

We think the Touraine Loire Valley is fabulously photogenic and we take about a thousand photos a month to prove it. Consequently, we love it when serious photographers book our tours, and never mind that everywhere we go we have to stop for photos.

John, a semi-professional photographer and his artist wife Nina were great clients back in the spring. Both had an eye for an interesting image and were delighted that we could stop on the roadside so John could shoot something he'd seen.

Nina and Susan patiently help John untangle his several 
cameras and lenses before any photography can start.
 In the photo we've stopped for a photo session in a tiny out of the way village, with something really special at its heart. Our local knowledge really pays off for photographers, as we know many out of the way places, and are aware of seasonal changes which can make all the difference to getting a good photograph. And in case you were wondering, this is what we had stopped to photograph.

If you are a keen photographer, or an artist seeking inspiration, email us and let us plan an artist photographer's tour for you.