Friday, 29 August 2014

Christmas at Chenonceau

Most of our clients never get to see the spectacular Christmas decorations which adorn the interior of the chateau of Chenonceau from late November. The lavish flower arrangements in every room throughout the year, changed twice a week and created from flowers grown on the estate, are an unexpected treat for many clients, so it is rather a shame we don't often take clients during the festive period, when the chateau really goes into overdrive with the flowers and other seasonal decorations.
Our apologies for the quality of the photo above, which is from late November 2013, and taken by Susan. She was with clients at the time, and her rule is that if she is taking good photos while she has clients, she isn't focusing on the clients sufficiently. One thing you will notice is that she and her clients, an American family of four (11 year old Harrison is hamming it up in the background), were the only people in the room (in this case the servants' dining hall). Normally this room is packed with people and it is impossible to take a photo that doesn't have a crowd in it.

If you are going to be in France in late November and want to see chateaux virtually empty of visitors other than us, email us and we will design a tour for you. March is also very quiet in the Loire Valley, but by then the Christmas decorations will be all packed away again.