Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Something Special that Our Clients Never See

Why would we not show you something special? Well of course we would if we could, but this is an event that happens too early in the year for us to be taking clients. It's something we get really excited about though, because it heralds the arrival of Spring and a new season of meeting new clients that we can introduce to the Touraine Loire Valley that we love.

What is the event we look forward to so much? It's the arrival of the cranes, migrating up from their wintering grounds in Spain to their breeding grounds in northern Europe. Every year in late February, early March they fly right across our house in the southern Touraine and every year, without fail, we rush outside to take photos. Our hearts lift to hear the cranes honking and yodelling to one another as they pass, huge graceful birds that enrich our lives.

We may not be able to share the flight of the cranes with you, but there are many more wonderful things that we would be delighted to include in your itinerary. Email us and see what we suggest.