Friday, 18 March 2016

Unexpected Luxuries

When our cars Claudette and Celestine were designed, it was the middle of the Great Depression, and when they were built it was the era of post-World War Two austerity.

But these are not budget cars. They were designed for professional people to use day in, day out. Doctors, bankers, the police (and gangsters) all relied on their great road handling and reliability. And once all the day to day stuff was sorted, you could fill the back seat with children and leave on vacation.

This is why we really like the Citroën Traction Avant as a car to tour in: the back seat leg room is enormous, easily big enough to have (in days of a maybe less enlightened past) three or four children running around. These days, it easily accommmodates people way over 6' tall, a rare feat for a car so old.

If you would like to tour the Loire Valley in style and comfort, contact us, and let us help you plan your perfect day of chateaux, food, and wine.