Saturday, 28 May 2016

Looking after the Grandes Dames

When we chose the Citroën Traction Avant as the car we would use on our tours we knew that we would have to be extra careful about maintenance.

As anyone who has owned old cars will tell you, unlike modern cars they need regular greasing and oil changes - 600 miles between greasing, and 3000 miles between oil changes. They also develop squeaks and rattles that need tracking down and fixing, and quirky little problems often occur.

 Célestine and Claudette receiving their winter maintenance.

We are lucky, because where we live there are trained mechanics who did their apprenticeships on the Traction Avant, enthusiasts who retired from their regular jobs to spend all day fixing classic cars, garages that specialise in car restoration, and young mechanics who can repair anything from a lawnmower to a Group B rally car.

This means that although our cars are not museum pieces, they are in tip-top working condition.