Monday, 22 August 2016

Gazing in Awe

This photo shows why travellers choose us to tour the Loire Valley. The clients booked at the beginning of the year and were travelling in July. They requested to see sunflowers.

Despite the year being a difficult one for farmers and their sunflower crops, we knew the area well enough to provide this magnificent view of sunflowers at the peak of perfection on the day. What's more they were located on a quiet side road where we could just pull over and stand admiring them for some time (there was also lots of taking photos and a certain amount of frolicking in the sunflowers...ahem...but we won't go into too much detail there...)

If your ambition is to see sunflowers in France, email us and let us know. We will make sure to include a 'sunflower stop' in your personalised itinerary.

PS You will have to visit in July or early August if you want to see sunflowers in bloom -- even we can't provide this sort of view all year round.