Saturday, 15 July 2017

Short Stops in the Loire Valley

When you book a tour with us we will send you an itinerary which gives you a broad outline of how your day is going to be arranged. It gives you a good idea of how long we will spend at the 'big ticket' venues, but we are often not specific about the shorter stops we might make. This is because it allows us to be flexible on the day, so we can respond to what you tell us you are interested in, or we can stop opportunistically as we pass somewhere attractive. Sometimes rather than just a 'drive by' or at the other end of the scale a full guided visit we can do something in between. For example, here Susan is giving a brief history of the chateau of Chaumont from a lookout point on the other side of the river. We take 10 minutes to do so whilst on the way to Cheverny where we will do a full visit. Two chateau for the price of one!

If you would like to see more than you expected on a day trip to the Loire Valley, email us or contact us using our contact form.