Friday, 20 July 2018

Heritage Building Sites

Heritage buildings take a lot of maintaining. There is often scaffolding on old buildings, erected so that masons can check the health of the walls and make repairs as necessary. We don't think of scaffolding as something that is going to ruin your holiday photos. Because we've worked with heritage buildings conservation professionals for many years we see a site with scaffolding as an opportunity to show our clients a bit of behind the scenes work. Architects, masons and curators are always delighted if we take an interest in their work and happy to chat with clients.

On your tour of the Loire Valley you will have a guide knowledgable in historic conservation

If you like to do more than just skim the surface when you visit a historic chateau or church, send us an email or use our contact form to tell us you would like to book a tour that shows you not just the history of these wonderful buildings but how they are cared for in our own times.