Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Rose in the Loire Valley

Rosé has long been an under-rated wine, sniffed at by the connoisseurs and treated as pop by the consumer. But it is undergoing something of a revival, and the Loire Valley winemakers are leading the trend. Making rosé actually requires considerable skill and dedication. Many winemakers will get up in the middle of the night to check a batch of macerating rosé. They want the colour and flavours to be just right. Here in the Loire Valley the tradition is for a dark peachy colour and once upon a time most rosés here would be absolutely dry. Nowadays though, many winemakers make a dry and a slightly sweeter version. All the winemakers we visit make a rosé, so if you are a fan of this light, summery wine, you won't miss out. And one of the winemakers we visit has had their rosé chosen by American Airlines, so you may have already sampled it!

A tasting session at the winery. Photographed by Susan, private guide from Loire Valley Time Travel. https://tourtheloire.com. Tour the Loire in a classic car.

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