Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Creamy Christmas Cheese in the Loire Valley

November is a busy time for our favourite goats cheese producer in the Loire Valley. He is preparing for Christmas and must carefully age and turn hundreds of cheeses so they will be perfect from mid December to the early New Year. He sells most of his product in speciality cheese boutiques in Paris, but we are lucky enough to have him on our doorstep and he lets us visit with cheese loving clients throughout the year.

Jean-Luc turning creamy Christmas cheeses.
visit award winning cheesemakers in the Loire Valley with Susan, private guide from Loire Valley. Tour the Loire in a classic car.Time Travel

If you love cheese email us or use our contact form. We will design a tour that includes a visit to Jean-Luc and you can taste his cheese for yourself. More tour ideas can be found on the Loire Valley Time Travel website.