Thursday, 2 July 2020

Prehistory in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a land of milk and honey (quite literally) and often referred to as the 'Garden of France' because of all the food crops that are grown here. It's a great place to live, and always has been, even back in prehistoric times. The evidence of our ancestors' lives is all around us, with dolmens and flint tools sprinkled all over. Not only was the place full of wild food, but the perfect material to make all your tools and weapons abounds here. It was a centre of flint tool making, specialising in high quality flint blades. The cores that the blades were cut from are so commonly found that people use them to decorate their walls. If you have an interest in the prehistoric, let us know and we'll be sure to include something from the Neolithic Age in your tour.

Neolithic flint cores used to make blades, decorating a house.  Indre et Loire, France. Photographed by Susan Walter. Tour the Loire Valley with a classic car and a private guide.

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