Monday, 21 September 2020

Lunching in a Village in the Loire Valley

Imagine coming around a corner to a view like this and finding out that the building on the right is where you will be having lunch, prepared by a keen young chef who has recently taken up the concession on the converted barn in this charming historic priory. He's worked in some big name restaurants and now he's ready to branch out for himself. The village is one of thousands in the Loire Valley, with similar precincts of old buildings, and similar restaurants that usually serve lunch only, using local seasonal ingredients. The Loire Valley is popular with up and coming young chefs because good produce is right at their doorstep, and real estate is affordable.

Le Louroux, Touraine Loire Valley. France. Photo by Susan Walter.

Why not spend your day like a French local, and eat in a restaurant inspired by local traditions, using the best local produce. We make sure we are always up to date on where the best lunch spots are. To enquire about our private guided tours of chateaux, wineries, markets and more email us or use our contact form. More tour ideas can be found on the Loire Valley Time Travel website.