Monday, 29 March 2021

Candes Saint Martin, One of the Most Beautiful Villages in the Loire Valley

Small but beautiful villages are a special category in France. They have banded together to have their own co-operative marketing and website and are officially designated as les plus beaux villages de France (the most beautiful villages in France). They are all quite tiny as one of the requirements is to have a population of less than 2000 people. All of them are well worth visiting, full of stunning views and thousands of photo opportunities.

Candes Saint Martin sits on the Vienne River, very close to its confluence with the Loire. Its narrow main street runs parallel to the river, with steep side streets coming off it. The buildings are all a mellow limestone and flowers poke up from every crack and crevice. You could not find a more picturesque place. If you would like the opportunity to stroll about in this lovely place, let us know and we will include it in your itinerary. It's not far from Fontevraud Abbey, where Eleanor of Aquitaine is buried, and the mighty chateau-fortress of Chinon, where she was held prisoner by her husband.

The church porch in Candes Saint Martin.

The church at Candes Saint Martin, Indre et Loire, France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.

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