Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Location Scouting and Background Research for Authors in the Loire Valley

One of the jobs we find ourselves doing from time to time doesn't involve traditional visits to chateaux and wineries, and quite often the client isn't even present. Sometimes we are contacted by authors who are in the early stages of writing a book set in the Loire Valley. Our local knowledge of the geography, properties and history is invaluable in helping writers piece together plausible stories. We find that the period that seems to fascinate authors is the Second World War, and our own interest in this rather hidden history means that we can often help where others could not.

Refugees near Preuilly sur Claise June 1940, Indre et Loire, France.
Refugees from Paris in June 1940 heading for Bordeaux and overnighting at a farm near where we live.

If you are an author and would like someone on the ground who can answer your questions about the Loire Valley please get in touch.We understand that discretion and confidentiality are important to authors, particularly in the early stages of researching a new book.

To enquire about our private and confidential services for authors email us or use our contact form.