Sunday 9 June 2024

Buy Your Tickets Online For Chenonceau

We advise clients to buy their tickets online for the Chateau of Chenonceau no later than 4 days before they plan to visit, whether they are going to be accompanied by us or going independently. The chateau is very strict about visitor entry time slots during days of high visitor numbers. These include all the May long weekends, which are usually the busiest days of all during the year, and of course, the summer school holidays, in July and August. During these periods the "chateau is full" signs will often go out by lunchtime. If you turn up wanting to visit you will be allowed in to the grounds, for a reduced price, but not inside the already packed chateau. 

Chateau de Chenonceau full sign, Indre et Loire, France. Photo by Loire Valley Time Travel.

If you are buying tickets online, only do so from the official site [link], as anywhere else can only sell you a voucher, with no time attached. This gains you nothing, as you still have to call in to the ticket office to exchange your voucher and be allocated a time slot. You could easily miss out on your preferred timeslot, or not get one at all.


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