Sunday, 13 February 2011

Classic Car French for Beginners

One of the advantages in having a classic car is all the doors that open for us. The Citroën Traction Avant is an iconic car in France, and many people we meet when out and about have stories to tell or questions about the car.

We often attract a crowd
Just in case you are the person standing nearest the car when questions are asked, we have prepared some information to help you sound multilingual:

There is one question that is always asked, and that is:

"how old is it" : quelle âge a-t-elle - (kellarj-atell

"what year is it" : quelle année est-elle? - (kellannay etell

The easiest answer to both is
She is a 53 : elle est de 53 - (ellay desankon twa

We can't promise to make you perfectly bi-lingual but one or two well chosen phrases can help you feel more comfortable. As long as you remember to say "hello" to people and wish them a good day before saying "goodbye" you are well on the way to being seen as polite.

Grab a French phrasebook, then email us so that you can practice on some real French people