Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Why we are called Loire Valley Time Travel

When you only have limited time to take a holiday it can be tempting to rush everything and see as much as possible. We understand that because we have done it ourselves: once you have paid for an air fare you want to get as much value from it as you can. This can mean rushing from tourist icon to tourist icon without stopping to look at what is in between and only finding out what you have missed when you get home.

At Loire Valley Time Travel we believe that even when you have limited time you need a day where you just relax and take in the view. After a couple of hectic days let someone else take the strain of organising a day and go with the flow. Our days are never rushed, because we plan so we aren't travelling great distances. We plan to visit one or two chateaux, depending on your interests, have a long, relaxed (i.e. typically French) lunch, visit a winery or food producer, and stop along the way to take in some of the history and countryside views that you could easily rush straight past.

We like to think that this is how our parents travelled when they took their vacations, so to add to the sense of travelling in the style of a previous era we use a car of the appropriate age. If you want to sample the way that a previous generation took their holidays, email us.