Thursday, 15 December 2011

Good Reason for Booking Early

There are a number of reasons why booking your tour early is a good idea.

The first is our availability: last year June, July and September were really hectic months and we had to disappoint a number of people because we already had bookings for the dates they were in France. Already we have a number of tours booked for May, and we will soon be closing bookings for that month. We restrict our availability so that we can ensure the car is in tip-top condition before we start tours: being an older car Célestine needs more attention than most.

Book now to put yourself in this picture in 2012
The other reason for booking early is that for any 2012 bookings receive and paid for before the end of May 2012 we are offering a 10% discount. That's right - 10% off our 2012 prices simply by booking and paying for your tour before May and helping us plan our year!

This offer will be particularly attractive to citizens of countries where the currency is currently strong. For Australian bookings, if you were to book then pay while the Australian dollar is worth 74 eurocents, no matter what the exchange rate does between the day you pay and the day of your tour the price will not increase. You tell us when you're ready to pay, and we tell you the amount in Australian dollars at that day's commercial rate. You pay by bank transfer into our Australian account and save commissions and transfer fees as well.