Saturday, 24 August 2013

A Benchmark for Potager Gardens

When Joachim Carvallo bought the Villandry estate in 1906 his main objective was to save the building. It was only later, after restoring the chateau to a habitable level that he considered the garden. Faced with a pleasant enough but fairly ordinary 'English park' style garden that was there when the family moved in, he started thinking about the possibility of doing something quite different.

Thus it was that the famous potager was created. Its design influences are from manuscripts and records of Renaissance gardens, a bit of archeology and Joachim's individual vision. The resulting garden is something extra-ordinary, deservedly the most famous garden in France.

Although ordinary domestic potagers are everywhere in France, supplying fruit, vegetables and flowers to almost every rural family in the country, Villandry has created a benchmark for the style outside of France. When visitors think of potagers, what they are really thinking of is Villandry.

If you would like to see for yourself this wonderful and inspiring garden, email us and we will gladly include it in your itinerary.