Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Weddings, Honeymoons and Proposals of Marriage in the Loire Valley

We don't very often use Célestine or Claudette, our classic Citroën Traction Avant cars, for weddings, unless the couple getting married are celebrating at one of our partner chateaux. If we have a suitable gap in the calender when we are not booked for a tour, we are happy to offer a car and driver at a very reasonable rate. It can be difficult fitting weddings in though, as people get married at the same time as visitors come here on holiday, so we are often too busy to be involved in a couple's special day.

More often we will be asked to design a special day out for a newly married couple on their honeymoon, or someone who wants to 'pop the question' somewhere romantic. With the latter request, we are very happy to leave clients alone for a suitable interval in a rose covered bower at Villandry, for instance. It is best to time these sorts of requests for when the roses are flowering though! (We've had requests to find somewhere romantic to propose in February, and believe me, that isn't so easy!)

If you would like us to design a romantic day in the Loire Valley for you, email us and we will be delighted to take you to some of those charming little corners of France that you've seen in the movies and books.