Friday, 13 September 2013

Remembering the Great War A Hundred Years On

Many of our clients combine visiting Paris with shorter side trips.  They often take advantage of the great train service to Tours and come to the Loire Valley, but they often also go to the north of France to see the historic First World War sites. We've had quite a few clients fit both side trips into their itinerary. If they are American or from any of the Commonwealth countries, the chances are they have a relative who saw action up north, so the visit has real significance to them.
Visiting the cemeteries is a sobering and moving experience. We know. We've done it. The impact of the War on the countryside is clear to see, and many places evoke strong emotions. But have you ever wondered how the First World War impacted on the rest of France? With the hundredth anniversary of the War coming up in 2014, we will be thinking of life in France in 1914, and how it changed.

If you have an interest in this period of history, but want to see more than the Front Line Zone, we can incorporate information and sites of relevance to your tour of the Loire Valley. For example, the Loire Valley was in what was referred to as the Intermediate Zone and the famous chateau of Chenonceau was a convalescent hospital. Hundreds of thousands of troops, French and Allies, passed through camps in this area on their way to or from the Front. Email us if you would like to book a tour and learn more. (Note that we don't organise tours in northern France, only in the Loire Valley.)