Monday, 23 September 2013

Photographing Sunflowers

Michaela and Derrick from Connecticut did a day trip with us in late August. They were on their honeymoon and the tour had been a surprise wedding present. All they knew was that they would be picked up from their chateau hotel near Amboise at 9 am on a particular day.

We had designed a typical tour visiting chateaux and gardens, driving through picturesque countryside and lunching at a small restaurant frequented by the locals, tucked away in a side street. We hadn't been given much to go on by their friend who booked the tour, so we hoped we had chosen sites they would be interested in. What we didn't know until we met them was that they had bought themselves a new digital SLR camera for the honeymoon, and were still enthusiastically learning how to use it.

Derrick in photographer mode in front of the sunflowers.
One of the things they really wanted to photograph was a field of sunflowers, but they had noticed on their way to the chateau hotel the day before that the sunflowers were almost finished. As soon as they mentioned this to us, we started taking routes where we were fairly sure we would be able to find sunflowers still looking photogenic. Our familiarity with the area paid off, and not only were Michaela and Derrick able to get their sunflower shots, they got to eat wild blackberries for the first time, straight off the bush!

If you have something you really want to see in the Loire Valley and would like the extra flexibility that booking a tour with us gives you, email us and we can make sure your special wish comes true.