Thursday, 3 October 2013

Make a Wish at the Winery

We often visit really tiny wineries. We love being able to highlight the unique producers we have in the Loire -- those that don't export, that sell all their product locally. These are the people you won't get to meet anywhere else.

These small wineries all do things their own special way. Each of them has a particular way of managing their vines and converting the grapes into wine. They pay immense attention to detail, and are only too delighted to share their opinions and experience with visitors. Charmingly, they don't see themselves as tourist attractions, and there is no obligation to buy their wine in the unlikely event that you haven't enjoyed it.

All of them have quirky traditions and practices. Some of these rituals are widespread, but some are restricted to individual families or single wineries. For instance, at one winery we visit, you are encouraged to stick a coin to the yeasty goo clinging to the cellar walls. The wine maker explained that it is like throwing a coin into a fountain in Italy. You can make a wish and it will bring you luck.

If you want some good luck, email us and we will design a tour of the Loire Valley that includes one of these special small wineries for you. Santé!