Saturday, 15 January 2011

Reduced Mobility? You can still visit the Loire Chateaux

Chateaux are difficult places to explore for people who have trouble with stairs: none of the chateaux of the Loire Valley have lifts (elevators), and some of the staircases are narrow and winding. An added problem is that even before you encounter stairs, the walk to many of the chateaux from the carpark can be quite long.

The back seat of Célestine is a most
comfortable place for anyone to sit!
Although we don't claim to have the perfect solution to these problems, we believe we have an itinerary to suit people who are mobile, but find walking distances (and stairs) difficult. The tour will take you to the chateaux of Montpoupon and Cheverny. We have chosen these chateaux as both have easy access from the carpark, and very wide, easy to climb staircases. Even if these stairs are too difficult, the ground floor levels of these chateaux hold plenty of interest.

At all times we will be available as an arm to lean on, and we also carry walking poles in the car, just in case.

If you have any questions about our tours, please contact us, either on any of the phone numbers shown on the right of this page, or by email.