Monday, 10 January 2011

Tour de France

This tour has now been booked

On the 8th of July 2011 the Tour de France will be passing close to the chateaux of Chenonceau and Montpoupon. This gives us the opportunity to offer a really very special day in the Loire Valley to one group of travellers.

The day will be based on the tour of Chenonceau and Montpoupon which we offer every day, but will include a two hour interlude to watch the passage of the "caravan" and riders of the Tour de France. At the moment we cannot offer a complete itinerary for the day as the timing of the passage of the Tour de France has not be issued. If previous year's experiences are to be believed we estimate that the Tour will pass through the area a couple of hours after lunch, thus giving us the opportunity to visit Chenonceau, lunch in a relaxed style, then move on to see the Tour de France before, if time allows, visiting Montpoupon and a winery.

If the Tour passes the area earlier, we will prepare a luxury picnic lunch to eat at the roadside in one of the beautiful villages of the area.

Remember, our tours are for a maximum of three people, so if you are interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit chateaux and see one of the world's greatest professional sporting events, email us. The cost of this very special tour is 500Euros for two people, including pick up at Tours (St Pierre des Corps) station, lunch, and entry to the chateaux visited.