Thursday, 27 January 2011

I only have four days in Paris

Some people are lucky: they can take long holidays that allow them time to explore and decide from day to day what they want to do, but the rest of us have to plan a holiday and do as much as we can in a short time. This is why when planning a trip many people use a travel forum to ask questions recommending hotels to use and places to see.

Many times on the forums you will see answers like "a week is not enough to see everything Paris has to offer, don't spend your time travelling elsewhere". Even if you only have four days in France and want to see a winery or the Loire Chateaux don't allow them to put you off: it's your holiday and you should be seeing what you want to see.

Loire Valley Time Travel are here to plan your day away from the noise and bustle of Paris. Travel on a train for an hour, and in about the same time as it would take you to reach Versailles you can be in the rolling countryside of the Loire Valley.

Email us if you are in Paris for a short time, and we can show you something of what the rest of France can offer.