Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Orchid Tours

At Loire Valley Time Travel we have a wide range of interests and expertise. Apart from having a passion for history, Susan is also a qualified field taxonomist, with a particular interest in orchids and insects. This means that in addition to the chateaux of the region, we can also show you the natural beauty of the area and identify the flora and fauna. The Loire Valley is a World Heritage area because of its history, the historic buildings, and its natural environment.

Early purple orchids and cowslips
This coming spring could be a good year for seeing wild orchids in the Touraine: already there are plenty of young orchid plants evident in meadows and on the roadside. These will be at their best throughout May and June, and Susan is an expert in finding them. In a two hour session it is common to see 10 species of orchids, numbering well over a thousand blooms. These tours were very popular last year, so booking early is advised.

If you book a day tour or a two day break in the Touraine we are always keen to point out the native plants and animals.